Hassan Mahzoum alias Art H.M. is a self-taught painter from Lyon.
Specialized in portraits and animals, Art HM is a brush and pen technician whose pop and coloured universe is in line with a sharp and soothing spirit.
Passionate about American urban pop culture and sports, the artist transmits his passion through tribute and animal portraits. From a fine line to a robust line, the sensitivity of the
subject is sublimated on its support.


“POP KONG” is a print from an original artwork on wood, measuring 30x40cm. It represents It represents a Gorilla staring at us with his piercing gaze, in a colorful pop style specific to the artist.


“Jordan” is a print from an original artwork on canvas mounted on frame, measuring 42x30x2 cm, portraying the iconic basket-ball player Michael Jordan.


“Marylin Monroe” is an original artwork on 3D brick effect wallpaper, measuring 70×53,5 cm, portraying the iconic Marylin Monroe. Frame provided with this artwork (black wooden frame 1.8cm borders, plexiglas).